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About Deb Gorman

Book Signing!

Deb Gorman and James Donaldson

Book Signing at Inklings Bookshop in Yakima WA, March 26th between 1:00-2:00PM. All are invited!...
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Some of My Favorite Things

Small Town Girl Gets Out

What happens when a Pacific Northwest native meets spiders, snakes, and water buffaloes

This Ministry Minute is about a personal adventure God allowed me to have. In 2007, this small-town girl got a wild idea. Go to Vietnam on a medical mission....
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Choose Life

Protecting the most vulnerable . . .

Welcome to the first Ministry Minutes guest post on my blog . . . the first of many, I hope. Today, we are privileged to meet Rev. Dr. Joddi-Jay Babcock, a delightful friend of min...
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On Pursuit of Trivia

Narrowing my focus to the path set before me

Welcome, January 2022! It's a new year. A new opportunity to do what matters. The problem, as we all know, is that there are so many things that matter. How do we choose what matte...
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Meet Roger Lee

A No Tomorrows Character Interview

Hello Readers! Today is our last chance to meet a character from my forthcoming novel, No Tomorrows. Roger Lee is on the hot seat today, and he might just give up some secrets abou...
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Say Hello to Nora Lee

A No Tomorrows Character Interview

Meet feisty, three-year-old Nora Lee, and her trusty sidekick, Mr. Bear. You might just learn a few new secrets in the Lee household . . . ...
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