Debo Publishing exists to re-gift God's Word to the next generation, using the literary arts to lead others to experience God's love and grace.

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Mountain Fog

The grandeur of God's creation is never-ending.

Are you curious about those people in the Scriptures who come and go in a few verses, characters God saw fit to include in His Word, but with few details giving us a complete picture of who they were, how they lived, and why their stories are included? If so, these books are for you! With a little creativity while maintaining the integrity of the biblical facts, I wrote these stories to help us discover how their stories connect with our own. Just click on the cover to go to Amazon and order. Also available on Barnes and Noble.

And happy reading!



Have you ever confronted a fork in the road of life and paused, wondering which way to go? Or maybe you took the path that seemed most logical, without much thought.

Perhaps the new direction was the correct one…but perhaps not. What do you do if you travel the wrong path? You can’t seem to retrace your steps because a sweeping crevasse looms now between the right choice and the wrong choice, one you can’t traverse without grave risk of slipping and falling into a thousand feet of sharp-edged, rocky nothingness.

Read the stories of thirteen people from the Bible who stood at the fork and made a choice. See where their journeys took them. Pause at the fork in your road and make the right decision, not just for the here and now but for future descendants—your children, grandchildren, and generations beyond, doomed to suffer the consequences of a wrong choice and who scream silently at you to go back.

And if you’re now on the wrong road, don’t believe the lie that you can’t turn back. For the first terror-filled step into the great divide will lay out a cross-shaped bridge before you, stained with holy blood—the sure road that will lead to the beginning, where you will find grace to start again.

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I'm a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, cleverly disguised as a wife, mom, grandmom, and author.

My purpose is to regift the Word of God to believers and seekers everywhere, using the talent and imagination God gave me.  May His Name be praised and His glory fill the earth!

Deb Gorman

Her name is Hoka. She's a good listener!