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See Spot Run

. . . a dip into pure happiness . . .

Dogs are what humans should be . . . loyal, playful, trusting. What a world it'd be if we could just learn life from them....
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The 7,000

Right then and there, as we meandered with our dog through the orchard rows, I asked God to show me my 7,000 so I wouldn't feel alone either....
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And God Heard

. . . who?

When was the last time you sat before God, weeping and begging for help? We've all been there, haven't we?...
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The Front Door of the Human Soul

You are the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind, rare, and beautiful thing. What? Your face, the only one in existence....
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A Foggy Day

. . . Or Year?

I was driving home the other day & it was foggy. You've heard of pea soup? Yeah, like that. Only, thankfully, not green. Yuck!...
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Just The Wick

. . . not the flame

But I have a question.  Am I a penlight disciple of Christ or a 15,000,000 candle disciple of Christ?...
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Falling Into Fall

. . . Or, make like a tree and leave . . .

Fall is a beautiful time of year, especially with exciting opportunities just around the corner!...
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Uncovered At Last

. . . and a prize to win!

No Tomorrows-A Novel for Today is finally here . . . but not today! Read on to find out when . . . and how to win a cool prize....
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