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Just The Wick

. . . not the flame

Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.
(Psalm 119:105)


“I’m just the wick…”

My husband said that to me some time ago when we took part in a discussion about being lights in the world.

At first I thought it was funny. Then I thought, “Wow, he’s not even lit.  I want to be lit . . . I don’t want to be just the wick.”

But upon reflection of his simple statement, I realized the glaring truth.  We are just the wicks.  It’s not us who are lights–it’s Jesus Who is The Light.  All we have to do is stand up, stand still, and be ready for the blazing Light He gives us so that we can light up the world.

But I have a question.  What kind of wick am I?  Since Jesus took me, at age fourteen, from the darkness of sin into the Light of His Kingdom, have I become the kind of light He wants me to be?

Consider the penlight.  It gives light to a small area, focusing exactly where it’s needed for a short amount of time.

Now think of a 15,000,000 candle spotlight.  We used to have one of those. It put out light that could be seen for miles.

We do need those penlights on occasion, but a penlight would be no use outside on a dark night when I’m trying to find my way.  What I need is that 15,000,000 candle spotlight.


So, am I a penlight disciple of Christ or a 15,000,000 candle disciple of Christ?

Am I ready for just a small “light job” or have I allowed God to so work in me that I’m fully prepared to be a fiery light for Jesus in a dark world that desperately needs Him? During this Christmas season I hope to consider this question and perhaps make some needed changes in order to become Just The Wick, ready for His Light to shine in me.

You? Let’s talk.


Father, I’m just your wick. You are the Flame which lights me.

Please help me to be the shining light you’ve created me to be in this dark world. 

As my family, friends, and co-workers see me, may they praise the Flame that is You.




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4 responses to “Just The Wick”

  1. Kay DiBianca says:

    Love this. My husband occasionally reminds me of a song he learned when he was in the first grade:

    See my candle burning
    With a golden light,
    Shining from my window
    Out into the night.

    I can light a candle,
    God can light a star;
    Both of them are helpful,
    Shining where they are.

    We can all be candles,
    Shining day and night;
    Each of us can be a
    Candle burning bright.

    Joyous Christmas to you, Deb.

  2. Steve+Hooley says:

    Great post, Deb.

    Yes, we are to be the wick to provide a place where God’s love and mercy can shine.

    Another apology: Vessel. I used to sing in a gospel group. One of our favorite songs was by Legacy Five – “Make Me a Vessel of Mercy.” We are to be the vessel to carry and show God’s love and mercy.

    Great images for this Christmas Season.

    Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Successful New Year!

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Thanks, Steve! Hoping you and yours have a peace-filled holiday season. BTW, did autocorrect work on “analogy” for you and change it into “apology”? Asking for a friend… 🙂

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