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Some of My Favorite Things

Bugs and frogs and things that go creep in the night . . .


Bet you can’t guess my favorite season–oh, wait! Maybe the pictures below will give you a clue. First, my praying mantis buddy.


Yeah, you guessed it! Spring (and summer) are my favorite seasons of the year. Not only are flowers blooming and weather is somewhat straightened out (not always here in the Pacific Northwest, though), but critters galore are roaming the ground and my planters, looking for a place to roost, perch, or dig a hole.

What’s really cool, is all of these wonderful specimens of God’s creation allowed me into their world.

My mantis friend (and there were more than just this one) became so used to seeing me, and my hand reaching for them, that by the end of their time with me they allowed me to feed them. They particularly like earwigs! They snatched squirming bugs right out of my hand, and sometimes climbed on my hand and explored all the way to my shoulder. Mantids are truly one of God’s most interesting bugs.

And my frog friends love box elder bugs. They can jump with the most astounding accuracy, snap up the bug, and have it swallowed in mere seconds.

I’d go on safari in our yard, looking for those tasty morsels, bring them back and serve them up. It was great fun. I hope they honor me with their presence again this year.


I’ll leave you with this beautiful picture of life in our apple tree. She was a busy mama for awhile, and very vocal if I got too close.

In these uncertain, scary times, it’s good to focus on something Other for just a bit. In the midst of the harshness, and while we pray for those on the other side of the street and the other side of the world, let’s not forget to count the blessings at our feet.

I’d be honored if you’d share what your favorite season is and why. Let’s talk . . .

4 responses to “Some of My Favorite Things”

  1. Spring. For sure! You are starting to inspire me to do some gardening…perhaps it’ll finally happen this spring!!

  2. Kay DiBianca says:

    I actually love the fall here in Memphis. It’s usually dry and *much* cooler than summer.

    I love the pictures of the praying mantises. What elegant creatures!

    We recently had a cute, but uninvited, guest show up inside our house — a chipmunk! Adorable as he was, he startled the heck out of me when he came running down the hall. He rushed into my office and we barricaded the room while we went to buy a trap that we could capture him live in and turn him loose in the country. It worked! Don’t know where he is now, but I’m sure he’s happier than being chased around inside our house.

    • Deb says:

      Great story, Kay! He could be a character in one of your cozy mysteries, right?

      My mantids got so when they saw me with my camera/phone, they’d turn and look at me. Little divas, they are!

      Thank you for reading and commenting. It’s much appreciated.


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