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Who Is Joanie Brown?

A Master's Inn Character Interview

Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

Hi friends!

It’s time again to meet another character in my debut novel, The Master’s Inn. We already interviewed Tom Masters, the owner of the inn situated in northeastern Washington State.

So, who do we have today, you’re asking. The answer is–Joanie Brown!

I was finally able to corner her for an interview with a little help from her mom, Susan.

She’s fourteen, so she’s a busy gal. If you’ve ever had a fourteen-year-old girl, or were one, you know what I’m talking about. She has quite the social life, more than I ever had at her age. Let’s get started . . .

ME: Joanie, so glad you could take a break from your busy schedule to speak with me. As I told you and your mom on the phone the other day, the purpose is to let my readers get to know you a little bit. And they are waiting in the wings, eagerly anticipating this little chat.

JOANIE: Yeah, whatever. Why would they want to—oh, can you hang on a minute? I have to take this call…

ME: But…wait. Sorry, readers. Guess we’ll just have to hang on for a minute. I hope not for very—

JOANIE: Sorry about that. But I’m trying to get my mom to let me stay with my cousin, Ginny, while they’re in Las Vegas for their little trip they won’t let me go on. Mom wants me to stay with this old lady, Mrs. Brewster, who used to babysit me . . . can you believe it? All she ever does is watch reruns of some geeky show called Bonanza and do crossword puzzles. And she smells funny. Dad doesn’t care if I stay with Ginny, but Mom’s being a jerk as usual. Since they won’t take me with them, the least she can do is let me stay where I want.

ME: Oh dear. Sorry you’re having difficulties…could you let my readers know where you live? And your parents’ names are—?

JOANIE: We live in Sandpoint, Idaho. Bill and Susan. And you don’t have to be sorry. That phone call was from Ginny’s mom, my Aunt Aimee, and she said it would be okay for me to stay there. I thought I should ask her first before I start working on Mom again. You’ll see, I usually get my way, especially with Dad.

ME: Well, good luck with that…I guess. Now, I just have a few questions for you. My readers want to know the usual stuff, like what’s your favorite subject in school, do you have a boyfriend…

JOANIE: Oh, hang on again, now it’s Ginny calling me.

ME: Sorry everyone, she’s gone again.

Oy! Maybe I should reschedule this . . .

JOANIE: I’m back. Sounds like Ginny’s got some plans for us this weekend—a party at one of her friend’s houses. Mom better let me go. Oh yeah, what did you want to ask me?

ME: Do you have a favorite subject in school?

JOANIE: Nah. School’s boring. I wanna be like Dad. He never went to college or anything, but still, he makes really good money. All he does is go to meetings, play golf with his clients, and take cool trips. He even bought me a silver bracelet when he was in China last year. And the latest iPad this year. He’s the best dad ever.

ME: But, don’t you think college is a good idea? To kind of help you know what you want to do with your life?

JOANIE: Not for me. I’m just gonna get a good job and be rich or marry someone rich. I’m not gonna be a dweeb, like Mom. She thinks I should go to college. She never went, but she has lots of friends who did, and now they just stay home with kids . . . so all that money is wasted. Not smart in my book.

ME: Well, there is something to be said for trade schools or on-the-job-training these days. You could be right about that.

So, let me see, do you play a sport?

JOANIE: Not unless chasing boys is a sport…no, I’m kidding. That’s Ginny and Aunt Aimee. Mom thinks they’re gonna corrupt me or something. Aunt Aimee does have lots of men friends and she goes out a lot, but mostly Ginny and I just laugh at her. Ginny does like to party, though, and it gets her in trouble sometimes.

ME: Oh yeah, I did hear a story about you two. Something about having to be picked up at a police station last year? Maybe it’ll make it into the book–

JOANIE: Are you kidding me? You’re gonna put that in the book? Oh, never mind. It doesn’t matter. As usual, Mom went ballistic—all over the police precinct—and Dad was cool and told her to stop being a drama queen. And that crap about us being drunk . . . it was all a lie. He paid the fine and brought Ginny home with us since Aunt Aimee decided to go out on the town and didn’t come home for two days. It wasn’t a big deal.

ME: Not a big deal . . . well, okay, I guess it was a whole year ago. Now, you mentioned you wanted to “be like your dad”.

What did you mean and what does he do when he’s actually working?

JOANIE: I meant I wanna make a lot of money. He works for a software company. A salesman—he’s their top guy. Sells software to hospitals, I think. Oh, just a minute, getting a text from Ginny . . .

ME: Sorry, readers—

JOANIE: I’m back. Everything’s set for the party. Now, I just gotta get Mom on board . . . but of course, nothing about the party. I really have to go now . . . were you done with me?

ME: Well, not really, but I can see you’ve got a lot on your plate right now. Oh, is that your mom yelling for you?

JOANIE: Yeah, just a sec . . . Geez, Mom, I’m on the phone for this stupid . . . I mean, interview! Can’t it wait?

ME: I’d better let you go, Joanie. I hope you and your family have a good time this weekend, and the weather won’t be a problem while you travel. I heard it might be nasty . . .

JOANIE: It won’t be. Dad bought a brand-new four-wheel-drive Lexus last year. It’ll plow through anything. He even let me drive it once. Right, Mom! I’m getting off now. Keep your shirt on! Okay—gotta go!

ME: ’Bye!

Readers, I think I saw her eyes rolling through my phone! Did you?

What a . . . umm, lively . . . teenager. But I feel kind of sorry for her mom. I do wonder how this is all going to turn out. And did you hear her say her parents are going to Las Vegas?

I wonder how they all end up at The Master’s Inn . . . hmm . . . must be quite a story. Guess we’ll just have to wait for the book.

Stay tuned for installment three of the Master’s Inn Character Interviews.



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