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When Did the Music Stop?

. . . A short journey into the past

If you’ll allow me just a tiny bit of nostalgia . . .

I get up every morning at about the same time, drink water and coffee, talk to my husband, pet my dog. Then drink more coffee.

Then what do I do? Usually the biggest mistake of the day. Open the news media sites.


Then say to myself, “When did the music stop?”

Yeah, you too?

Where have all the real people gone? You know, the ones who go to work, take care of themselves and their families, mow their lawns, fill up their tanks, and shop for groceries? And, dare I say, go to church on Saturdays or Sundays?

Those media sites are cluttered with other kinds of people. The ones who yell at each other, redefine life on planet earth in their own image, put God on a paper airplane and throw him to the wind, and then sit in his chair.

The planet they live on is not the one I want to live on.

Kids on tricycles and bicycles and skates—the kind with keys—zooming up and down the sidewalks, playing kick the can and hide-and-go-seek, with parents and grandparents and neighbors cheer-leading from their front porches is the planet I’m from and want to get back to.

Back to where some things were just not confusing . . . ya know what I mean?

Back to when homework was the first thing you did after school . . . after the peanut butter, ham, and mayo sandwich, of course.

When talking to someone happened without a screen between you.

And people cared. About each other, about animals, and a smile didn’t hide an agenda and didn’t need a mask. A smile was just a smile, the way God intended it to be. A handshake meant something and we weren’t afraid to touch someone else’s fingers.

Back to when we watched the TV–not the other way around.

Where did that world go? It slid away from us a long time ago and maybe hit a few snags along the way, like when Woodward and Bernstein were on it BlueBonnet, but now here we are.


Again, when did the music stop?


I think it’s still there. We just have to listen with better ears. Maybe turn off our screens and go outside?


After I get some more coffee, I’m heading out the door to see if I can hear it.

See ya out there!





18 responses to “When Did the Music Stop?”

  1. Steve Hooley says:

    Great post and question, Deb. I don’t know how much we are to avoid politics here, but my answer would be “When our country turned our backs on God and Judeo-Christian values.”

    If we read the Old Testament, we should see what’s coming when we no longer “need” God. If we want to hear the music again, we need a real revival…big time.

    I want to hear that music again, too.

    • Deb Gorman says:

      All viewpoints are welcome on my site, Steve, as long as respect is maintained. 🙂
      I happen to agree with you.
      But, having said that, sometimes I get into a funk and think the music has stopped, but it really hasn’t. I’m, for whatever reason in that moment, not listening for it. It’s there, I just need to put my listening ears on, like I used to tell my kiddos.

      Have a great day, my friend!

  2. Debbie Strait says:

    Well said,Deb!!! ????

  3. Debbie Strait says:

    Oops!! Take out the ??? HaHa

  4. Debby Dimico says:

    I enjoyed this blog, you are right on with your thoughts. I try very hard not to watch or listen to politics. Music makes me happy.

  5. Bob Lantrip says:

    Yes that is right on! Say nice things and complain less! I’m working on it!

  6. Kay DiBianca says:

    Great insights, Deb. My husband and I occasionally reflect on how fortunate we were to have been born in the golden age of the U.S. Things have come a long way since then, but still I am overwhelmed every day with gratitude for this life.

    Have a great weekend!

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Thanks, Kay. Gratitude is certainly the best way to approach life no matter what the circumstances are.

      Thanks for your wise words, and have a good one!

  7. As a mom of 4 kids, 2 still young enough to play, it’s important to get outside, shut off the noise and turn up the Music. Off we go!!

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Yep! Good counsel, my smart daughter! Even 15” of playing with a tree frog, a mantis, or pulling a few weeds does wonders for the outlook.

      Go forth & conquer…?

  8. Linda Kusske says:

    Reading your blog brought me back to my youth.
    My life long friends and I talk about those days of in person interaction, playing outdoors, listening and dancing to music, Sunday mass and family and relative time.
    I’m so blessed to have been born in simpler times.

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Hi Linda! Good to *hear* from you. 🙂

      Yes, those simpler times are something I’m grateful for, too. Like one of my other readers said, and I paraphrase, “Go outside and play.” I try to do that every day. (Not roller skating, though. That wouldn’t end well for me these days…ha!)

      Have a great day, my friend!

  9. Barry Drake says:

    “Back to when homework was the first thing you did after school”.

    Ahh, not so much.

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