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No Tomorrows

A novel for Today . . .



What would you do today if you knew tomorrow you’d die?

It’s an old question. We’ve heard it before. We’ve even, I daresay, considered it seriously at times.

  • When we read of a bomb killing dozens.
  • Or a mass shooting happening in a church or a school.
  • Or a twenty-car pileup on an icy road in Somewhere, USA.

Part of life on planet earth, right?

But, what if I knew without a doubt I’d turn the corner and leave the room tomorrow?

Annie Lee, the unlikely heroine in my forthcoming novel, No Tomorrows, grapples with that very question. By the end of the novel, she knows–and so will you, my dear reader.

That’s all I’m going to say about what Annie discovered. You’ll just have to wait for the novel.  🙂

(I have a secret, though . . . if you read to the bottom of this post, there’s a special treat for you.)

Back to the question:  If there was no tomorrow for me, what should I spend my time doing today?

And what about you?

Take ten minutes or ten years, right now, to think about it. What’s so all-fired important on your to-do list that it must be done before you die tomorrow. If you seriously think about the question, it might whittle that list down a bit. Just sayin’.

This is a short post. I may not have even twenty-four hours left to me. But because I’m a follower of Jesus, there is one thing I must do before tomorrow. Can you guess?

Yes, you’re right . . .

It’s to say to my world look up.

Here’s what Ben Franklin had to say about tomorrow:

“One today is worth two tomorrows.”

So go out and live your today, today.


Here’s the treat I promised, friend.

What’s cooler than being able to meet the characters of a novel before it’s in your hands?

These links will connect you with each character and the interviews I conducted months ago . . . a trick I had up my author sleeve to get them to open up to me so I could write their story.

Have fun with them!

Annie Lee

Roger Lee

Ellen Jarvis

Jake Gruber

Mayra, Hank, and Kimmie Lee

Nora Lee

And, last but not least, consider this your personal invitation . . .

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We’ll let Pastor Mike have the last word on this post:




2 responses to “No Tomorrows”

  1. Barry Drake says:

    This new book will cause one to ponder the inevitable. Can’t wait to read it!

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