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Meet Bill Brown

A Master's Inn Character Interview

                               Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Welcome, readers…hey, just give me a sec. Technical difficulties here…oh, wait… No, guess that didn’t work! Oh dear, I don’t know if this interview with Bill Brown is going to fly or not. You’d think a tech guy like him could make this work…oh, I hear something. Maybe it’s him…

ME: Are we on? The phone connection is going in and out.

BILL: Deb, are you there?

ME: Yes, is this Bill Brown?

BILL: Yeah, hang on a minute. Let me get away from the crowd a bit…there, I shut the door. Is that better?

ME: Yeah. But Bill, where are you? Not at home I take it…

BILL: No, I am at home. I’m entertaining some clients from New York. The noisy ones.

ME: Oh, sorry. Should we reschedule?

BILL: No, I have no other time…I leave for a software convention in Las Vegas tomorrow.

ME: I spoke to Susan yesterday and she didn’t tell me about your party tonight.

BILL: Not surprised. She’s not the most organized person in the world. Wait a sec…no, Joanie, you can’t come in here…I’m on the phone. No! I’m closing the door–now take a hike! Deb, sorry about that. So, what did you want to ask me?

ME: Just a few questions. I won’t keep you long. My readers are interested in knowing you a little before the novel is released. So, first question: What exactly do you do for a living? Joanie told us a little already–

BILL: I bet that was entertaining…

ME: You could say that. She told us that you mostly–I think she called it “schmoozed”–with your clients on the golf course. Don’t worry, we’re pretty sure there’s more to it. She also told us she wants to be just like you.

BILL: You shouldn’t listen to a fourteen-year-old, Deb. What does she know? Not much more than Susan, except they both know how to go through my money like a runaway freight train. Anyway, that’s another story. What do I do? I sell software systems to hospitals and healthcare facilities. Big market for that. And it means I travel…a lot.

ME: Sounds interesting. Let’s move on to the next question, shall we? We know you’re a Marine veteran from Iraq–

BILL: Not up for discussion, Deb.

ME: Oh, I wasn’t going to get too deep, Bill. We understand it’s kind of a hard subject–

BILL: Not hard, just a long time ago and it doesn’t matter anymore. I lost buddies over there. I managed to stay alive, come home, and build a life for myself. That’s all. No need to go into details. It’s over and done with.

ME: Okay. Gee, you sound like someone else I spoke with recently. His name is Tom and he’s a Marine veteran from the Vietnam era–oh, what was that? I thought I heard a crash–sounded like glass breaking…do you need to go?

BILL: No, Deb, I have a mostly-capable wife to attend to broken glass. Is there anything else your readers want to know? My hobbies? Golf. My favorite food

ME: Oh, we already know that one! French cuisine…Susan told us, and offered to invite us–

BILL: What? French cuisine? That woman…married almost fifteen years and she still knows nothing about me. Hang on a sec…Susan, get over here!

ME: Oh dear–

BILL: French food? Really, Sue? You know I prefer authentic Thai cuisine. Yeah, whatever…what broke, anyway? Oh, that ugly thing? Good riddance. Yeah, you can handle it…I’ll be out in a minute–

ME: Hey, Bill. We’d better let you go. It sounds like you have your hands full, and I think my readers have probably…umm…learned quite enough about you. Am I right, readers?

BILL: Fine, well, thanks for calling. If you’re ever in the Sand Point, Idaho area, look us up, okay?

ME: Okay. ‘Bye!

Oh, readers, I am so sorry he couldn’t stay and talk more, but I guess he’s a busy guy. It sure seems like he and Susan aren’t exactly on the same page. Did you get that impression? I wonder what their relationship is really like. Susan mentioned Jack and Wendy Torrance from The Shining, remember? From her interview? I’d never seen it, so I streamed it the other night. It was so scary, I couldn’t finish it. I hope that’s not what they’re like…

And Bill mentioned going to Las Vegas, just like Joanie and Susan did. (If you’d like to read their interviews, and Tom’s, mentioned above, just click on their names.) But I could swear they actually end up at…uh oh, there I go again with a spoiler. You’ll just have to wait for The Master’s Inn to be released to find out the rest of the story…

Up next in this Master’s Inn Character Interview series will be an entertaining chat with the Elliotts. A beautiful family. But, I gotta warn you…they’re not all they seem.

P.S. I have a surprise character we’ll interview after the Elliott family…finally worked it out. Shh…that’s all I’m saying for now!



2 responses to “Meet Bill Brown”

  1. Kay DiBianca says:

    Quite a cast of characters! Can’t wait to read the book and see where they all end up.

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