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Let’s Celebrate!

. . . and it's not St. Patrick's Day!

What are we celebrating, you ask.

Great question!

And I have a great answer . . .


Here it is:  On October 22, 2022 I released my first novel. Yeah, you knew it had to be something about a book, right?

But wait, there’s more . . .

That novel, The Master’s Inn, went on tour! (In case you want to learn more, click on the link or the picture.)

The tour? Here’s something cool . . . there’s an author/reader platform called CelebrateLit which connects authors with bloggers who want to read and review your book. What a great experience it was for the ten or twelve of us–me and my characters, that is.

From January 27th through February 9th of this year, we traveled around blog sites with CelebrateLit as about seventeen to eighteen fantastic online reviewers talked about us. What could be better for an author and her characters than folks talking about us?

But double wait, there’s more . . .

One lucky blog post reader won a copy of The Master’s Inn and an Amazon gift card! Such fun!

So, bottom line? If you’re an author, consider working with the fantastic folks at CelebrateLit to promote your book. You really can’t go wrong.

Which brings us to the next reason we’re celebrating–

I will release my next novel, No Tomorrows, later this year . . . and I plan to run, not walk, to CelebrateLit again to help me with promotion. Now, you know, if I plan to work with them a second time, they’ve got to be good.

The characters in No Tomorrows are pretty jazzed up about it, let me tell you!

Here’s what one of the characters, twelve-year-old Hank Lee, has to say about that:



Hey, Hank, wait just a minute! That is not what we discussed you’d say. You and me are gonna have a talk . . . soon!

Sorry, readers. He’s such a comedian . . . but you can meet him for yourself this fall. You’ll have to read the novel to find out the punch line.




And now, dear Reader, it’s back to my author cave to continue marching toward release day for No Tomorrows.

Hope you have a great spring . . . if it ever arrives here in the PNW, that is!








2 responses to “Let’s Celebrate!”

  1. Steve+Hooley says:

    Congrats, Deb. And thanks for the info. Celebrate Lit sounds like a good deal.

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Thanks, and you’re welcome, Steve. They have a Christian focus, too! And it’s not about book sales, it’s about exposure.

      It was well worth the fee they charge, in my opinion.

      Have a great day, my friend!

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