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God’s Glasses

Seeing your life through God's eyes . . .

Ever wonder what it’d be like to see your life through God’s eyes? To see the end from the beginning?

To move ahead, frame by frame, laying your journey out in front of you, so your first step is visible to you at the same time as the last step you just took?

But it doesn’t happen that way, does it?

Instead, as soon as we take the next step, our last footfall fades away into the mist of memory, to be recalled only with great effort.

Then we ask ourselves, “How did I get to this place? Which step removed me from the path I walked before? Where was that fork in the road, the one where I chose to go a different route than I should have taken?”

If we could but see the entire picture, all at the same time, it would be easy to spot that fork, wouldn’t it? If we could perch God’s glasses on our noses and see what He sees.

But God doesn’t give us that ability, does He?

He only gives us one frame at a time and that frame is called today. We can’t go back to yesterday and attempt a do-over. There’s no delete key, nor a “find and replace” function in this thing we call life on earth. And we can’t fast forward to tomorrow. We can only begin tomorrow after we’ve lived today.

What do you think God sees when He looks at your life?

Are there some potholes you stepped into? Some crooked places? Does he see the bunny trail you followed, taking you away from His presence? Or did you, like Alice in the Land of Wonder, tumble headlong down the rabbit hole, surfacing in an unfamiliar place where you were not supposed to be?

I’ve been down that rabbit hole, and it wasn’t pretty.

It’s dark and twisty, and when my head popped out the other end and I gazed around at the alien landscape, I thought of nothing but getting back, back to where I started with my Lover.

Do you long to find your way back to the Lover of your soul? To right wrongs, make amends, and re-forge broken relationships?

Here’s the secret:

Your next step must be taken from a lower altitude.

God waits with open arms for you to journey back to His presence, but you must make that journey on your knees. It’ll be a shorter trip that way, less complicated.


Don’t delay.


Today will be gone in a blink, and it’s really all we have.




2 responses to “God’s Glasses”

  1. Lyn Perry says:

    Great thing about walking God’s path is that if we take a detour He can use it for good. Thanks for sharing your devotional. – Lyn

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