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Breaking News!

The characters always get their way . . .

Sorry about the shameless blog title . . . I’ve wanted to use it ever since, oh, about the end of January 2020.

I do have exciting news, though!

Let me give you a little background first.

Nine people have been staying with me since 2012. Nine. Three families-six adults and three children. I know, right? That’s a lot of house guests the last eight years. And they aren’t exactly polite visitors, either, let me tell you. At times they’ve been downright rude!

I’ve been sound asleep and I hear this banging around in the kitchen, or even in my office; I investigate, and end up awake the rest of the night. They prowl around the yard when I’m out watering my plants. They jump in the car with me, uninvited, when I go to the grocery store. They tag along when we go to church and sometimes make it impossible for me to listen to the pastor, or even sing for crying out loud. And don’t even get me started on what happens when I’m trying to read. Oy!

One of the children is most annoying. She’s fourteen and has made whining and complaining and slamming doors an art form. Two of the men are retired marines with issues. I kind of feel sorry for them, though, because they still have flashbacks on occasion. It’s rather frightening to watch. And their wives don’t always know what to do. One of the marines is the father of the annoying teenager . . . which probably doesn’t help with his PTSD.

My life hasn’t been the same since they came to stay with me. Can you hear the self-pity in my voice?

But–the breaking news. They’re moving out soon! Finally, I’ll be able to have a thought in my head that I don’t have to share with them. Finally, I can fix a meal without using every dish in the house. And maybe a good night’s sleep?

And, best of all, you get to meet them!

Yeah, I’ve been pulling your leg. You guessed it. My nine guests have all been occupying the house in my head. Before any of you Google one of those doctors to recommend to me, they’re all characters in my next release, The Master’s Inn. I can’t wait for you to meet them.

The Master’s Inn is a novel about three families, strangers to each other, stranded in a freak snowstorm…a story of secrets and lies, tragic loss, wounded families, and the God who will go to any lengths to rescue a human soul.

He might even use a bear to grab their attention . . .

Stay tuned for a release date.


Temporary Cover for The Master’s Inn


5 responses to “Breaking News!”

  1. Congratulations on your upcoming release, Deb! The “misdirection” of your post was a fun story and so true for us writers.

  2. Barry Drake says:

    What a tease! Hurry up I want to meet them before the Rapture.

  3. […] (A previous blog post from September 2020 about The Master’s Inn might tickle your fancy also. Read it here.) […]

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