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A Visit With Annie Lee

A No Tomorrows Character Interview


Welcome, Readers!

Today, please enjoy meeting a character in my forthcoming novel, No Tomorrows. Annie Lee is a typical suburban wife and mother of four children, who range in age from fifteen down to three. On the surface, she’s like many moms–


But . . . there’s something sinister behind her face, swarming like burrowing ants under her skin, half-remembered secrets dogging her steps since she was young–and, just between you and me, they still terrify her dreams.

She’s waiting on the line now. Let’s give a listen to what she tells us.


Annie, my readers want to know what makes you tick. When you and I first met, you were a mystery to me. You tried to hide from me, remember?

From the very first step down the stairs, on your way to your dining room to enjoy dinner with your family, I saw something on your face and wondered what was behind your eyes.

We want to ask you: What did you hear as you paused at the bottom of the stairs with that terrified look?


A snake. It hissed at me.


Gosh, Annie . . . but, why would there be a snake in your living room?


Because there’s always a snake hiding just around life’s corners. When I was sixteen, the snake’s name was David.


Ahh . . . yes, I know about David. Do you want to talk about him?


Not really. Just to say he wasn’t the first—


Not the first? You mean snake?



What was the first?


My parents. Well, I guess that’s two snakes.


Why were your parents snakes?


Because they kept a horrible secret from me—one I had to ferret out on my own. Don’t get me wrong–I loved them, but they had no right to keep her from me.


You mean . . . Abby?


Yes. If it wasn’t for Ellen–


Ellen. Yes. Your best friend. She helped you, she and Roger. Am I right?


Dear Roger. Yes, they both told me I should dig until I knew the truth. So I did. Now, sometimes, I wish I hadn’t. Knowing didn’t change anything. Isn’t that the way it always is?


Gee, Annie, I don’t know. It seems to me knowing the truth of a thing is always better than not.


Depends on the truth. But I guess you don’t know that unless you’ve walked in my shoes–you and your readers.


Maybe not. But that’s what my readers want to do–walk in your shoes. They can’t unless you let them, you know? Speaking of shoes, I heard this about you:

Annie’s always lived life waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I can’t remember now who said that to me. Is it an accurate statement about you?


Not sure, Deb. But this I do know. There’s always a monster out there, waiting, watching, grasping. Sometimes our nightmares grow feet and walk through the front door . . .


Look, Annie, I didn’t mean to–


No, I don’t want to go there . . . again. Hey, I gotta go. Nora’s upstairs waiting for me. I promised to take her to the park today. At least we’ll be safe there.


Sure you’ll be safe. Have fun! You know what they say . . . 

She won’t be three forever.


(Sound of phone dropping)

Yeah, they do say that. ‘Bye, Deb . . .

Readers, she’s gone. I think I must’ve upset her. But from what I’ve learned about her, she’s easily rattled. When you know her past, you’ll see why.

I hope release No Tomorrows soon. Until then, I hope you enjoy becoming acquainted with Annie’s family and friends before you read their story.

If you want to go directly to those links, here they are:

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Have a good time!

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5 responses to “A Visit With Annie Lee”

  1. Kay DiBianca says:

    Oh dear. Annie sounds like she’s got serious history. I’m looking forward to hearing how she works this out. Good luck with “No Tomorrows.” I love the title!

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Oh, Kay, you have no idea how serious her history is! 🙂 Thanks for reading and commenting. Not sure of release date yet, since I’m waiting on an agent. Deb

  2. Love the interview. Annie intrigues me–so mysterious. Nothing like keeping your readers hanging on every word…

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Thanks, Nancy! And thank you for reading. Yes, Annie has quite a journey ahead of her . . . from her past to her future. And a little child shall lead her. 🙂

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