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A Conversation With The Bear

A Master's Inn Character Interview

Oh, you thought we’d really talk to the bear?

Sorry if I misled y’all.

But . . . I thought it’d be fun to talk to someone who knows all about cinnamon bears.

Today, we’ll chat with Ranger Rick, an expert on bears–especially those that range the Pacific NW, which is the setting for The Master’s Inn.

Alas, please note: This is the last character interview for The Master’s Inn because, well, we ran out of characters. Good reason, huh?

But, stay tuned for another forthcoming novel . . . and juicy interviews with those characters!

Okay, without further ado, let’s get Ranger Rick on the line . . .

Me: Is this Rick? My readers are eager to hear your expertise on this most unusual Master’s Inn character.

Ranger Rick: Yes, Deb, I’m here. I have a burning question, though, before we begin the interview. Do I get to be in your story, or will it be just the bear?

Me: Umm . . . well no, Rick, you’re actually not in the story. Sorry if I made you think that when I set up this phone call.

Ranger Rick: Oh. Is it too late to stick me in there somewhere? My wife would sure get a kick out of it. Any chance?

Me: No, it’s much too late to just “stick in” another character. The story is finished and almost ready to shop out. Sorry.

Ranger Rick: Well, okay. I guess I waited too long. You authors are kinda finicky, aren’t ya?

Me (trying not to giggle): Yeah, I’ve heard that on occasion. Okay, first question. Are cinnamon bears related to grizzlies? They almost look like a grizzly.

Ranger Rick: Related? All bears are related to each other. But a cinnamon bear is definitely not a grizzly. They don’t get near as big. Cinnamon bears are really a variety of black bear, smaller and shyer than grizzlies.

Me: How big do they get?

Ranger Rick: Oh, the big ones might get four to five feet at the shoulder. Most are smaller, though, around three feet. Of course, males are bigger than females.

Me: Do they hibernate?

Ranger Rick: Yeah, usually November to about April, give or take.

Me: In my story, it’s around Christmas time and Mr. Cinnamon Bear comes calling. Can’t say more than that. Would that ever happen, and what would be the circumstances that would cause him to…unhibernate himself? I just made up that word, BTW!

Ranger Rick: Noticed. Got one question for you. In your story, how’s the weather been?

Me: Up to when the story starts, it’s been a very mild winter in NE Washington State and Idaho. But then a freak storm comes swoopin’ in.

Ranger Rick: Gotcha. Sometimes hibernating bears wake up if it’s a mild winter, and when they do, they’re hungry. If you meet one under those conditions, they tend to be a bit grouchy.

Me: Are they dangerous?

Ranger Rick: Any bear is dangerous when they’re hungry, and they think you’re standing between them and their food supply.

Me: What would cause him to come calling near The Master’s Inn?

Ranger Rick: The smell of garbage, cooking food, or–

Me: What about blood? Would he be able to smell that?

Ranger Rick: A bear’s sense of smell is keen. He can pick up the scent of an animal carcass, or other food from 18-20 miles away, farther if the wind is right. And a blood trail? My advice is, don’t bleed within 5 miles of a hungry bear.

Me: We’ll keep that in mind, right readers?

Ranger Rick: Now, Deb, you tellin’ me you got a blood trail in your story? I thought this was kind of a tame family story, you know, all smiles and kiddos frolickin’ in the snow. Blood trail, huh…maybe you should change the title to “Murder at The Master’s Inn“.

Me: Haha! Good one, Rick. Can’t say more. Hey, I think we’d better wind this up. My readers and I have enjoyed chatting with you, and we thank you very much for your time, sir.

Ranger Rick: You’re welcome, Deb! Have a good rest of your day, you and all your readers. And say, if you change your mind about putting me in your story, just give me a holler and I’ll give you some personal information you might need for my character. How ’bout that?

Me: Hmm…okay, Rick. Isn’t likely, but I’ll sure keep it in mind. ‘Bye!

Well, that was informative, wouldn’t you say? And I’m glad I was on the right track with the blood trail–oops! No spoilers!

Gosh, peeps, I’m afraid that’s it for Master’s Inn Character Interviews. I hope it’s helped you to know these folks, and has piqued your curiosity about what’s in store for them. As I’ve said before, fireworks (and blood trails…) are on their horizon.

If you’ve missed any of these interviews, you can use these links to go directly to each one: Tom Masters, Joanie Brown, Barb Masters, Susan Brown, Bill Brown, and the Elliott family.



2 responses to “A Conversation With The Bear”

  1. Kay DiBianca says:

    I’ve loved the character interviews, Deb! Sorry the bear didn’t rate his own interview, but it would probably have been pretty boring. Not much of a vocabulary. Yuk, yuk. Looking forward to The Master’s Inn. Great title and very intriguing characters!

    • Deb Gorman says:

      Thanks, Kay! I loved doing these interviews…it helped me, too! About the bear…I would’ve had to learn bear to interview him and I really didn’t want to spend one-on-one with him!


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