Who Are These People?

Who Are These People?

Spiritual Lessons Learned in Obscurity

Published 11/30/2016

Do you wonder if anyone would notice if you weren’t here?

If you have this occasional thought, you’re in good company. God wired humanity with the need to find significance, to count for something.

This devotional plunges you into the lives of twelve biblical characters, some who aren’t even named, but whose stories are familiar. God included them in His Word for a reason, and the reason is us.

Get ready to meet these personalities in a new way. And the next time you’re tempted to think your life is insignificant, that God can’t use such a flawed, mistake-ridden person as yourself, remember that these twelve people probably thought the same, and here you are reading about them and learning powerful lessons from their encounters with God.

God created you to impact others, and that is definitely not insignificant!

Book Reviews

… A fresh and creative approach to Bible stories that are familiar to most of us. I love the way she uses the point-of-view of minor characters to illustrate extraordinary events. Ms. Gorman mixes the scripture narrative with experiences from her own life and challenges us to look deeply into ourselves. Well done!

— Kay C. DiBianca, award-winning author of the cozy mystery/romance novels The Watch on the Fencepost, Dead Man’s Watch, and Time After Tyme

Clearly and concisely written. I especially appreciate how she juxtaposes the very human struggles and dreams of these minor characters onto the bigger picture of what God is doing in their lives. She uses life experiences to apply many of these spiritual lessons to things in all our lives. And she shows us how even unrealized dreams can reflect what God has for us often greater than what we pray for and can even imagine.

— Colleen Jones, Book Formatter; former Project Manager, virtual, at Redemption Press

Vivid, well-written stories about lesser-known biblical characters. The author’s reflections add depth, while the study/discussion questions challenge readers to examine themselves and seek God’s will for their lives. I enjoyed this book, and will add it to my “read again” list.

— Sandy Allen, Educator at Riverside Christian School