The Master's Inn, by Deb Gorman

The Master's Inn

A novel of human brokenness and God’s still-unfolding drama of redemption . . .

October 22, 2022

When two wounded and dysfunctional families wind up unexpectedly at the remote Master’s Inn during a December snowstorm, it’s up to owners Tom and Barb Masters to help—except they’re dealing with their own bitter issues. As the winter snowfall confines them, the three families find themselves coping with their crippled relationships and hard emotions . . . and sometimes tearing one another down in the process.

But when a tragic secret is inadvertently revealed and a rebellious teenage girl takes off into the storm, chaos descends. Will they be tossed into more heartbreak, or will the crisis draw them together against a common enemy?

With a forest in Washington state as the backdrop, join Tom and Barb at their B&B as they strive to show Christ’s love to all who cross their threshold . . . even when it threatens their own sanity and safety.

Book Reviews

Between the gorgeous covers of this book, Deb Gorman has penned a riveting novel taken straight from the real issues of life. From the day to day of running a Bed and Breakfast to dealing with their own and their guests heartaches, family dramas, tragedies, and triumphs, the characters in “The Master’s Inn” bring a myriad of deep emotions to readers. The author deals with the hard issues of marriage, PTSD, adoption, stepchildren, and watching loved ones leave this world. Gorman inspires readers with her honesty and deep conviction that even when we don’t understand, God always has the right answer, and gives peace and comfort if we trust Him with our hearts and lives.

As a mother who has a daughter in Heaven, my heart broke that it took this couple forty years to come to terms with what happened to their child. But this author brought tears of joy flowing down my cheeks as I read her beautiful and perfectly amazing last scene. Read “The Master’s Inn” and discover how the Master can make all the difference in your life, no matter what.


Reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads by J.A. McPhail 12/17/22

The Master is in charge at The Master’s Inn

When three troubled families find themselves isolated in a Bed & Breakfast during a serious blizzard, the tragedies they’ve allowed to rule their lives become evident. Deb Gorman has written a powerful story of characters who help one another face their past failures and find forgiveness and hope for the future. A worthwhile book for our unsettled world.


Reviewed on Amazon and Goodreads by Kay C. DiBianca 12/30/22