No Tomorrows

A Novel for Today

September 26, 2023

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to know you have only 24 hours left?

By the time Thursday is over, Annie Lee is convinced God is telling her it’s her last day on earth.

Annie and her husband live in a small rural town in central Washington state—a place where almost nothing scary happens . . . until today. Hang on to her coattails as she navigates her tragic past, her frightening present, and her unknown future all in the space of twenty-four hours.

And ask yourself the same question posed to Annie: “What would I do today if I knew I’d die tomorrow?”

Will your answer be the same one Annie discovers?

Book Reviews

Annie Lee, a young mother with a husband and four children, lives in small town, Washington, where she has everything under perfect control and all planned out…until her frightening past invades her present and threatens her future.After her daughter announces at supper that she will be writing an essay for school on the question, “What would I do today if I knew I’d die tomorrow,” Annie feels the past creeping into her present again and trying to destroy her plans.

The tension amps up and up as Annie deals with one catastrophe after another, and will keep you reading to discover how Annie survives the challenges.

An added bonus; you will be asking yourself, “How do you deal with the unknown? How will you live today?”

Highly recommended.

Steve Hooley, author of the Mad River Magic fantasy series.