Leaving Your Lover

Leaving Your Lover

They Have Left the Path of Truth

Published 10/11/2018

Have you ever confronted a fork in the road of life and paused, wondering which way to go?

Read the stories of thirteen people from the Bible who stood at the fork and made a choice. Discover where their journeys took them.

Then, stop at the fork in your road and press pause. Consider that your decision now will affect not just you, but future generations.

And if you’re now on the wrong road, don’t believe the lie that you can’t turn back. For the first terror-filled step into the great divide will lay out a cross-shaped bridge before you, stained with holy blood—the sure road that will lead you back to the beginning, where you will find grace to start again.

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Making the Bible come alive!

The title gave me pause. Do I want to read a Christian book about leaving a lover? But it’s the line underneath the beautifully scripted title that tells what is waiting inside the covers of this amazing book. “They left the path of truth…”

I have not read many creative non-fiction books, but Deb Gorman’s Leaving Your Lover is the perfect example of what this genre does, and she did it well. The author took thirteen Bible characters, some that we know well, others not so much, and tells their stories in a creative and novel-like manner. What do each of the characters have in common? They chose to leave the Lover of their souls and faced the consequences of that decision. At the end of each chapter, Gorman gives a short illustration from her own walk with God, and includes two questions for personal meditation and prayer. If you want to experience a fresh and exciting way to make the Bible come alive in your heart and mind, don’t hesitate to read Leaving Your Lover by Deb Gorman. This book will give you pause.

— J.A. McPhail, Author of the Trinity Tales of Tresia Series, Kingdom Corner Connection, and I Will Not Fear-A Chosen Life