• Deb Gorman

For The Least

These delicately created toes rested, not so long ago, in the womb of the child's mother, protected and nurtured. The same feet kicked the sides of her watery confines. Legs stretched, hands fluttered, heart beat.

This blog post probably won't change any minds, but I must write it anyway. Take it or leave it. I'll state right here, right now, that I am a follower of Messiah Yeshua-Jesus the Christ. The Word of God is my world view, and I make no apologies for that. So, if you want to write this post off because of that, feel free. But you might want to keep reading, because there are actually plenty of other faiths and even a-theists who believe human children are of priceless value.

How did we get to the place we are? We, as a society, are actually discussing the possibility of killing children outside the womb. You say, "It's not law, it's just a discussion." What is discussed today by people of note will, eventually, become a political platform.

Abortion is not a political subject, although it's being tossed around our houses of legislature like a football. It's also not a "women's health" issue. It's a children's health issue. It's not an issue of "choice", unless you admit that the choice must be decided long before you become a parent. However, if abortion is viewed as a legitimate choice, then we must, as a society, force other human behaviors through that same door.

If we claim it's a woman's (or a man's) right to kill an unborn child, we must also proclaim a person's right to abuse that same child, to traffic that same child to a pedophile. We must claim the right of a pedophile to operate within the law. It's his or her "choice" to use a child for self-gratification. We must also come to the conclusion that the killing of any human being is valid, as long as that human being is unproductive, defective in some way, or presents an inconvenience to family and caregivers. We must, because human life is human life, whether pre-born or breathing air. Because once we allow ourselves the self-gratification to kick our unborn to the curb, we must allow others in our society the same license. Legalized, accepted abortion is a slick slope with only one end-at the bottom of the crevasse is the total devaluing of all human life.

Radical thinking? Maybe. But it's been proven over and over that once a society begins to think of human life as a commodity or a power play, it's not much of a stretch to apply that thinking in other ways.

I'm not going to address the roots of how abortion rose to become the industry it is, or the millions of dollars it pumps into our economy each year, or even the miserable statistics which detail each life lost. For until we, one by one, community by community, and state by state choose to believe that a human fetus is a human life from conception, not "pregnancy tissue"-as it is described in Planned Parenthood literature-those roots and those statistics are meaningless.

Human life, as in the rest of the earth's animal kingdom, begins at conception. Science has proven it-with technology as it is today, life in the womb can be seen far earlier than even just a decade ago. It cannot be disproven-it's ludicrous to argue otherwise. That it is human life cannot be argued or voted down. But it can be swept under the rug. The moment conception occurs, the genus of the human child is set. He or she is human. He or she exists. Because the human child is tucked away in the womb does not lessen his or her humanity.

Let's briefly address the sometimes less-than-optimal circumstances of a human pregnancy.

  • Sometimes a woman is not ready or willing to become a mother. But at the moment of conception, she is. She is not less of a mother at that moment than at the moment of birth. The inconvenience of bearing a child does not make aborting the child less of a murder.

  • Sometimes becoming pregnant was not her choice-as in the case of rape. Rape is a horrific crime and should be punishable each and every time in the strongest way possible. Becoming pregnant as a result of rape is a unique tragedy. But that child, even conceived in a violent act, is still a human being of inestimable value. And so is the violated mother.

  • And lastly, to argue that the child must be killed to spare the life of the mother is farcical in 2019. Medical science and new techniques have reduced that possible scenario to a level almost infinitesimal. It is documented that in all but the most rare cases, the life of both mother and child can be saved.

The point is, that from the moment of conception, God says in his Word that the child exists and is loved-by him. Read Psalm 139. Who are we to say otherwise? Here's something else to consider: God loves the mother of the child no less than he loves the child growing within her.

Shall we say to the Lover of that new soul that it is too troublesome to bear him or her? Shall we hear the doctor mention "possibility of deformity" and decide, in our vast wisdom, the child has no right to live? Remember that the next time you listen to Bach, or see the beautiful smile of a Down Syndrome baby. Or hear a man, born with no arms or legs, speak about the beauty of his life-a life in which he tours the world, speaking to groups of people young and old, encouraging them to beat their particular odds.

Shall we shake our fists at God, (or at nature if you choose not to believe in God), and say it is not part of our plan to bear a child? Shall we choose to kill the child, thereby denying the child a chance to live a life of his or her own choosing? Shall we deny a loving couple the chance to give our child a chance at that life?

Our culture has come so far. We have passed myriad laws to protect life in so many other species. Why not our own? Is a human child worth less than its mother? Or worth less than an owl, or an insect, or a wolf on the endangered list? Really?

Who might these murdered children have become? We will never know, because we were silent when it counted, when we should have spoken up to protect the least and most helpless of our society.

You may not believe in the God of the Bible. You may call someone else your God. That's your choice. You may not believe there is a deity who creates all life-that life just happens. That is also your choice. But none but the most depraved on this planet devalue human life to the point that it's acceptable to murder innocents. I dare say most belief systems say life, all life, is precious.

So, if that is true, where is the outcry? Why do we as a culture sit idly by while life is, each and every day, sucked out of the womb-or poisoned, or dragged out piece by piece? How can we possibly stomach it?

There is loving help for couples and singles in the heartbreaking throes of dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. We must guide them to those places. We must encourage them to choose life for their baby. They might think abortion is the easy way out, but I beg to differ. Adding a killing to the heartbreak does not make everything better. We humans are made with a conscience, and abortion will, every time, violate that conscience-maybe not right away, but the mother and father will deal with crushing guilt for the rest of their lives. We must give them avenues toward life.

This might just be the issue that buries our culture under the debris of shame and no-going-back that has buried other nations-those that have devolved into a violent chaos we have yet to experience. For once we say a human child does not have to live, does not have to be protected, does not have to be celebrated, we say the same about ourselves.

And God is watching.

Deb Gorman