• Deb Gorman

Debo Publishing Has Arrived!

Hey friends! I now have an official business. Exciting, yes? I chose Debo Publishing as my business name because Debo was my childhood nickname; my Dad and older brother called me that. I love the name because, of course, it has meaning to me, and it connects me to who I am. My logo is below. I chose a bee because that is what my first name means in Hebrew.

I recently was able to attend the 2017 Renewal, an annual gathering of writers, editors, agents, and publishers. What a blast! And I was able to have my first book table set up! Sales weren't astronomical for me, but I came home with less books than I'd arrived with, so I'm happy. The best part was connecting with people who, like me, just have to write. My motto is (and I'm sure other writers would agree) is: I write, therefore I am. Below is a picture of my table.

One thing I took away from the conference is something our keynote speaker said. "I only have one life; why waste it doing it my way?" In fact, he signed one of his books for me with that statement.

I fully agree, don't you? And, sadly, looking back over my 63 years, much of it has been wasted by not following in the footsteps of Christ. But, since grace abounds, and nothing in God's economy is wasted, I pass that tidbit on to you. You only have one life; why waste it doing it your way?